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Bankruptcy relief:

It's time for a fresh start.


Feeling overwhelmed with debt and not sure how you will ever pay it off? With over four decades of combined experience, our attorneys are ready to review your financial situation in detail and work with you to create the best plan for resolving your situation. This may include bankruptcy, or we may identify better options for you. As a full-service consumer finance firm, we look at the big picture instead of simply steering people into a bankruptcy they may not need.


Learning your options is the first step to making decisions that will turn things around. But waiting can often make things worse. For experienced,, compassionate advice, contact us by emailing us here or calling 531-0630.

Out-of-state "bankruptcy" companies advertise that they can help consumers in any state, at low costs. However, the truth is that these companies then off-load the client to a non-attorney who does not understand bankruptcy law. They then have to transfer the client to an actual Montana attorney anyway, to legally file the case in Montana bankruptcy court.


Sadly, in our experience, the advice is often wrong and even dangerous to the client. The client then ends up paying more money to fix the problems the national company created. Stick with a licensed, experienced Montana bankruptcy attorney to ensure your case is handled correctly and smoothly from the first consultation to the closure  of your case.

Beware of bankruptcy scams!